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10 Fun Facts About Residential College

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If you are looking into the possibility of taking on a place at a residential college when you go to university, then we have 10 fun facts about what you can expect when you do just that. This is a very popular approach to starting university and beyond everything else, there are so many benefits which you can count on when you enroll.

When it comes to a high quality residential college Melbourne university offers some of the best in the land, and here are some facts to bear in mind when you are deciding whether or not this experience is for you.

Great Meals

All of your meals are prepared for you each day, and they will be prepaid at the start of each term. The quality of the food is very high and most importantly, it is varied so that you never get bored.

Plenty of Events


The approach to this type of student accommodation is a community-minded one, which is why they hold a huge number of events each term. You are encouraged to get involved and this is going to greatly help you with social skills and leadership.

Chance to Meet Friends

Making friends in student accommodation is easiest when you stay in a residential college. Because you will be eating, studying and living so close to each other, you will soon hit it off with your fellow students.

Your Independence


Although you have a tight support system around you, independence is still very much encouraged. You will have to look after your room and ensure that you manage your time well when it comes to attending lectures and your study requirements.  

Study Support


There is a much higher emphasis on study support in a residential college. You will be studying alongside students and encouraged to do so with group sessions on an evening.

Direct Support From University


Those who stay in this kind of student accommodation will have a much better relationship with their professors and the university staff. This helps with any issues which you may have, and you can count on direct support should you need it.

Chance to Focus


A residential college is dedicated to making sure that you take your studies incredibly seriously and it is designed in such a way that you will be able to laser focus on that. There will always be a time for fun, but the emphasis is very much on you working hard on the academic side of things.


Increased Chances of Academic Success


The extra focus which you are allowed in student accommodation of this type is exactly why you can hope for improved chances of academic success. Not only are students of residential colleges more likely to return to college after their first year, they are also more likely to deliver higher grades.

Smooth Transition

The first weeks and months of university are hard on almost all students, albeit less so for those in a residential college. The transition to life at university is made so much easier thanks to the network of support and the level of care which students receive in a residential college.

Is this something that you are going to consider taking on when you go to university?