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5 Amazing Tips For Camping At Home


During school holidays, children spend the entire day in front of tablets, cell phones, and video games. To change this reality, how about doing a different and fun activity? Camping at home is an excellent option! In addition to stimulating the imagination, the game involves the whole family and is a great pastime. These campgrounds are safe and easy to make — all it takes is a little creativity and a willingness to face a mess. Like the idea? So, check out our tips below, gather your children ‘s friends and promote an unforgettable day!

  1. Make A Tent With Sheets And Mattresses

If you already have a tent or tent, great! You can accommodate it in the chosen location for the camp. However, not everyone has the object, right? If this is your case, know that it is possible to improvise huts with sheets or blankets tied to some support point (chairs, tables, and other furniture). To make the game even cozier, spread comfortable mattresses (no opting for those thin mattresses, ok?), pillows, and pillows.

  1. Be Creative In The Decoration Of The Camp At Home

For children to play, creating a playful and attractive environment is necessary. In this sense, use your imagination and be creative in decorating the environment. You can, for example, put some flashers in the tents, imitate a fire with yellow and red cellophane, and buy plastic insects.

If the camp takes place inside the house, an excellent idea is to acquire those stars that glow in the dark to imitate the sky. In addition, it is worth turning the place into a real forest! Turn off the lights and leave flashlights with the kids.

  1. Don’t Forget Snacks

In a real camp, there is no stove. So, get into the activity mood and separate easy snacks, such as fruits, cookies, coconut water, juices, and cookies. It is also interesting to ask each child invited to bring a backpack with food and drinks. That way, they get into the spirit of play, and you have less work to do.

  1. Promote Fun Games

Camp is a great opportunity for kids to disconnect from the internet. Enjoy the moment and promote fun and interactive games. Around a paper fire, you can ask each child to tell a story and encourage them to sing songs in circles.

Preparing a table with cards and board games is also an excellent option. If you want something more exciting, another idea is to hide some snacks around the campsite. In this way, children will need to “hunt” for their food.

  1. Prepare An Alternative Schedule For Parents

How about making camp a family day out? In addition to inviting your children’s friends, you can invite the parents to come too. It’s nice when everyone joins in the game. Still, depending on how old the little ones are, it’s worth leaving them alone and staying in another room nearby – in that case, prepare some snacks and drinks—remembering that camping can be a fun activity, even for teenagers. Here, it’s worth adjusting the games and making them more comfortable — always supervising. In any case, setting a time to sleep is essential. You can trust places like Mission Grit Charlotte, NC for example to handle your children’s camping.