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Are Residential Colleges Suitable For Students With Learning Disabilities?

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When heading to a university there are a number of student accommodation options available. One particular option that many people enjoy are residential colleges. There are a number of benefits of this kind of accommodation, in particular the fact that it is a great option for anyone who has learning disabilities. Those with problems like this can of course still go to university and do very well for themselves, and it will be just as enriching for them as any other type of student.

There are a number of reasons why a residential college is the best option, that we are going to explore here.

Small Community

A residential college is an all-inclusive approach to university where students will live on campus, eat on campus and of course study there too. One of the main ideas behind this kind of accommodation is to create a small community of students, who can work, socialize and study together. This doesn’t cut students off from the wider university of course, it is more about the fact that their immediate circle is that of a community. This kind of consistency and familiarity is perfect for anyone who is struggling with learning disabilities.

Additional Help and Support

The university takes a far more hands-on approach to students who are staying in this kind of accommodation and that again is certainly important for someone who has some challenges. There are tutors who are very accessible as well as a very clear and dedicated support team at this kind of student accommodation. This is not only beneficial for the student, but also for worried parents who may wish to check in on their child’s progress and understand any challenges that they are facing.

Beyond Education

If we take a look at Melbourne University accommodation as an example, we see that halls on campus or private rentals in the city don’t always ensure that students have direct access to community-based activities. In terms of residential colleges, this is absolutely something that exists and attendance is in fact encouraged. This means that anyone who does have a learning disability will be able to take things further than education and use these groups and community projects to engage themselves in something extra. These groups and activities will keep them busy and help them to learn even more during their time at university.

Focus on Education

The reason why a residential college takes this all-inclusive approach is that they want students to focus primarily on their education. This removes a great deal of the distractions that so many people have during their time at university, and it is something that has proven to be highly beneficial for those with learning difficulties. Channeling focus in this way helps all students and we have seen time and time again that those staying in residential colleges outperform those who do not. This is a perfect option for anyone who is struggling with learning disabilities.

Be mindful that not all universities offer residential college as an accommodation option, if this is wha you are looking for then be sure to broaden your search.