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How to Develop Students Problem Solving Skills?


Problem-solving skills is one of the most important skills that students can develop from their childhood. The problem-solving skill helps them to face the academic challenges as well as the interpersonal problems that they face in their life. The development of the skill at an earlier age prepares them to deal with bigger problems. It builds the students confidence and also helps to increase academic performance. The students who have good problem-solving skills will have promising careers in the future.

If the students have good problem-solving skills, they tend to have good creative skills, innovative, curious, motivated, and they learn to be independent. If the children are ready to solve the problem on their own, they will look at the issue from a new perspective. It is an essential skill in a child’s development. To encourage creative and problem-solving skills, most of the schools provide project work to the students. They conduct exhibitions to represent their innovative ideas. Science and maths project for class 7, 8, 9, 10 helps them to visualize the different concepts. When the kids develop, it is essential to expand their knowledge and help them to see the issues in various possible ways to find a better solution.

There are different steps involved in the problem-solving process. They are:

Identify and Define the Problem

Get a clear idea of what the problem is. Once the problem is identified, establish a goal which you want to achieve.

Analyze and Gather Alternative Solutions

The goal in this step is to achieve the list of possible solutions for the problem. If the problem is harder, you will get more number of possible ways to solve the problem.

Select the Potential Solutions

From the list of possible solutions, you have to select the solution which will meet your goal. So you have to choose the ideal solution, which is an effective solution to the problem.

Test the Solutions

The ideal solution which you have chosen should have proper planning and execution for the testing process. For the complex problem, multiple iterations are required to get the optimal solution.

Follow up and Evaluate the Solution

Find the solution to the problem. Review the work which you have done and the impact that the solution had.

Nowadays, many tools and formulas are available to solve the problem quickly. Many Math formulas empower children to score good marks as well as help them in higher education. maths formulas for class 12, 11, 10 are the most important and are applied in various fields of Science and Engineering. Also, tools like calculators are used to solve the problems. The calculators will provide the best solution quickly, but it hinders the problem-solving capability.

But, knowing different problem-solving steps allows you to select the best solution, and it develops the skills. Some children are good at generating ideas, but they struggle to implement it. Some children have good execution skills, but they don’t know how to make a decision. With the help of these steps, one can quickly get the solution for the defined problem.