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Mark Roemer Oakland Looks at Online Learning Platforms



According to Mark Roemer Oakland, online learning platforms are the best way to learn anything on your schedule. Plus, these platforms are easily accessible and user-friendly and offer flexibility to students. Listed below are some of the best online learning platforms:

The Platforms

  1. Udemy– This platform can help you learn anything you want, and this may include language, arts, coding, app development, guitar, fitness, nutrition, and the list is endless. It also offers courses for personal development and mental health. There is no definite setting for these classes as the instructors are given the freedom to pick up their style.
  1. Masterclass- The courses offered by Masterclass are taught by renowned writers, actors, musicians, writers, etc. So, the classes are more like traditional courses with around 20 lessons included in every course. As the teachers are experts in their fields, you gain in-depth knowledge around the topics covered. Plus, the platform works on monthly subscription plans; once you get the monthly subscription, you can take up as many classes as you want.
  1. Coursera- The courses offered here are like college classes, and most of them are academic courses offered by real professors and universities. If you are looking for online degrees, this platform offers the best services. Coursera is associated with more than 200 universities and companies around the world. Plus, you can also avail yourself of certifications from the platform that can be used in your professional life.
  1. EdX- Founded by MIT and Harvard, this platform offers the best pedigree. It has real college courses taught by real instructors, and you can get courses around any field or subject. The platform also offers professional degree certificates that can help you in professional development.
  1. Udacity- If you want to develop your tech skills, Udacity can help you with the best classes. Most of their courses are focused on coding, programming, web development, data science, and other related fields. There are classes designed for beginners and for students who are trying to gain advanced tech skills. Their courses offer career coaches, real-world applications, and practical experience that help the students in their learning journey.
  1. Pluralsight- The courses offered by this platform are like “mini-degrees,” that is, they offer many courses in a specific area of expertise. The classes are designed keeping the needs of working professionals in mind.
  1. Skillshare- The platform can help you to be as creative as you want. Most of the courses are developed to improve your creative skills. The classes are conducted by experts in the fields of photography, visual arts, writing, and many more, and their focus is on teaching practical skills.


Mark Roemer Oakland believes that you can get confused about which online learning platform to choose with so many options before you. As the learning process is a very personal experience and varies from person to person, you need to consider your needs and preferences. Without rushing, take your time and choose wisely.