The Digital Landscape Of College Search

The college search process has transformed into something solely digital. More and more institutions are racing to meet the demands of prospective students as they embark on their college searches. In an attempt to maximize the level of reach that any institution can achieve, they’ve begun planting this content onto the most popular social media platforms used by these prospective students. For example, a great deal of this generation of students is using TikTok to source a great deal of their information. This platform uses video content in short format to share information, and many institutions have begun leaning into this content quite a bit. It’s important that these college remember that in order to create the strongest influence online, they must utilize every social media platform. Without doing so, there’s no guarantee as to how many students they’ll actually reach. The digital landscape of college searches is built on digital engagement, but it’s not easy to craft a perfect strategy for any institution. To learn more about the ways in which your institution can better prepare for recruitment, please see the resource paired alongside this post.

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