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What Types of Accommodation Does Melbourne Uni Offer?

types of student accomodation

If you are looking to attend Melbourne university then you will have to weigh up all of your options when it comes to which type of student accommodation you choose. The choice you make is going to have a big impact on how your overall experience is at university. Remember that university life is not just about your education and academic success, but also about the social side of life during your time away. This is exactly why the choice you make around student accommodation is so important, and here are the options which you will have to choose from.

Residential College

A residential college is an option which many students take, and it can be a highly beneficial experience for so many students. The idea of a residential college is that it takes an all-encompassing approach to university life. For the cost of a residential college students will be fully taken care of; they will live on campus close to where they study, they will also be given all of their meals and they will have large bedrooms which they must take care of. The idea of a residential college is to create a studious community which teaches independence.

Living in Halls

There is other Melbourne university accommodation which involves living on campus, halls of residence. These are often very basic dorm rooms which are in close proximity to other students. Unlike with the residential college however, meals and social groups are not included in this type of accommodation. Students will pay a basic price for the rental of the dorms during their time at university, and they will have to pay for everything else themselves. This is by far the most common option for students who are coming to this university.

Private Rentals

Whilst we most often see first year students stay in halls of residence, most students will then look to branch out in the following years, and stay in private rentals. There are two main types of rentals which students will choose from when they decide to move outside of the campus and into the city. The first — and most common option — is to move into private rentals which have been specifically aimed at students. These may be operated by private landlords but the properties themselves are only rented to students. Another option which people look for is to go with a private rental which could be alongside professionals and other students. We often see students look for this kind of accommodation when they are entering into their final years, and they can be a great option.

The idea of any accommodation is to give students a sense of independence and living in this way is going to teach them valuable lessons in terms of how to survive on their own. Towards the end of their time at university they have learned exactly how to live on their own and this is why we so often see them branch out into more private residences.